I'd like you all to meet my MOM


Jul 8, 2005
Massive Overkill's Micro from Lan Gear. My trusty old Micro-Fly has been retired (please be patient while I resize LOL).
One thing that my beloved Micro Fly was able to contribute to my MOM was its case feet. Sorry there are soo many, but seeing as everyone who bought this case are deciding on what to put on on theirs I wanted to show as much detail. I think it's a perfect transplant. It makes the case just tall enough for adequate front intake without making it look like it's on stilts:












That's a Thermalright HR01+ which I'll eventually replace with a Venemous X. Antec Spotcool does RAM\NB\SB cooling duty.


Front panel off. For those of you who bought the case, I highly recommend taping the USB header. Even though the case is anodized, there are some solder joints that come too close for comfort to the aluminum chasis.


I also notched the case cover so that when it's installed it doesn't smash up the usb port. This has been 'fixed' in the new case cover as that area is indented outwards. Unfortunately the new case cover prevents your audio jacks from fully seating, easily solved by drilling the holes larger. Case really needs to be designed to where this area is fully notched on the cover and raise the usb/audio flange so that it's flush. I purposely didn't touch-up the cuts with paint so you can see where I made the cuts:


Front 90mm filter on:


Case cover on, heat sink side:


Money shot:


Excuse the folding table, I just bought a 4000 sq/ft house and Ikea had to wait.

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I had to resize the images and then re-upload them. Photobucket's editor let me resize and save them but as soon as I left Photobucket's page, they went back to max size.
Did you cut that front bezel to allow for a full size 5.25" bay or what? Mine only has the slots cut for a standard optical drive.

P.S. Sweet looking build, hope mine will turn out that well whenever I get a motherboard :D
Thanks. Mattiv sent out replacement front panels to all the initial buyers since the first run front panels had fitting issues. If you are one of those early adopters, contact Mattinev and he will send you out a new panel with the 5-1/4" cutout.
I'll have to ask about that, I'm getting my replacement case in on Wednesday. First case they sent was the window-less version so I'll see what the new one looks like.
oh noooooose RETIRED the MICROFLY wtf :D i see you are at it again. your new one looks sweet though good job.
Well I sold this rig. I wanted to unload the GTX's while they still had some value. Buyer still got a bargain (sold the rig for $1300 minus the SSD)

I'm holding off as I'm debating on whether to do a refresh with either a Fermi or 5800 series. I'm running off an MSI Wind U230 as my only PC right now.

Netbooks\Ultra-Portables are going to get a power injection later this year, so I may go with a gaming 12" when the refresh comes. If prices come down enough, I may do both.

What's funny is that I absolutely hate laptops (including all the subclasses) as it was hard to find good-quality, cost-effective, fully-productive ones. I think that trend is changing fast.
Proof that Overkill would sell his MOM for a few bucks ;)

Nice pics though. I've been seriously thinking about getting one of these cases to house my AMD Phenom x4 setup that will be retired to server duty. Since its on a mATX Board already so it should be perfect.
Hey Massive,
What power supply are you using? I started my build today but my Corsair HX850W is too big, I can't install the 92mm fan.