iCUE draining my i7 9700k

This was the setting I had to toggle when I had high CPU utilization with iCUE last year on my old 9900k build. I remember it being higher than 5% until I turned this off using Vengeance RGB Pro 3200 RAM.
Yeah I did that and it didn't change anything when I was screwing with settings..... But that has worked for a lot of people!
mine refused to open took a good 5-10 mins to open once system started and i tried to open it. this is on a 7980xe oced 4.8ghz AC os installed on a optane 905p 380gb in uefi mode, 128gb 3600mhz of ram.
When I had it installed, lighting.exe, or something like it, was the culprit for high cpu utilization. Once the system started, I could end that process and everything ran normally.

Never found a fix, so, long term solution was to uninstall it. No more Corsair rgb junk for me.