ICS with Dialup, a wireless LAN, and XP & 2000

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    Jun 11, 2004
    We have a home network set up currently. There are four computers connected. The first one, I will refer to as the Dell, is connected to the router by wire. The second one, the HP, and the third and fourth ones, two gaming computers, are all connected wirelessly. Th Dell and HP have Windows XP, and the two gaming compters have Windows 2000. The Internet that comes into the house is standard 56K Dial up and connects to the Dell through it's modem. We have the Dell's Dial Up connection set for Internet Connction Sharing. The only problem we are having is connecting the other three computers to the internet through the Dell. All four computers IP address's are currently static, and are as follows:

    Other 1:
    Other 2:

    Basically, when the 3 other compters want to access the web, I need to get the to address their request to the Dell so the Dell can then 'foward' the request to the modem and out it goes. But for some reason, I can'tset it up to do that. Does anyone know how to set it up to do that? We've been working on this for quite while now and have tried many things. Thanks for your help.

    BTW: The DHCP server is disabled on the router, and the three computers are all configured so that the gateway for them is the dell (