iBook processor temp under OS X

May 3, 2003
I was wondering if there's a software utility out there that can read the processor temperature of my 2001 Dual USB 500MHz iBook for OS X?
I've seen it done under OS 9, but so far have found nothing that works with X. Any help is appreciated.
Aquamon doesn't monitor temps with my G3 800 iBook. Unless I'm doing something wrong. AFAIK there isn't anyway to monitor iBook temps.
well I got it but I also can't get the temp to display....any ideas as I think this is a neat little app
Aquamon won't show temps.
I don't think running any of the OS 9 stuff under Classic has worked so far, because it can't access the temp sensor.

The iBook has to have a temp sensor so that it knows when to spin up the CPU fan, and there's got to be some firmware reading it...

Apple's own CHUD may provide some insight? we shall see.
Well, on my G3/600 iBook, 10.2.8, and with AquaMon 1.5.6 (yes, it's an old version), it has processor temp listed right after load average. At the moment that's hovering between 16-20C.
I will try the old version and see if there is any difference...the wierd thing is I can see CPU temp listed in the config it just isn't showing on the display

well I can't seem to find an earlier verison...when I go to their webiste they only have the latest and none of their links work...big bummer
I tried the current version of Aquamon late last night and it works as well. Too bad the last battery software update cut 20% of everyone's battery life, as I could have posted about it then instead of now.
still wierd...just tried on my FW800 dual 1.25 and it isn't showing the temp on it either...oh well the other info looks good to have