IBM and VISA Want Automatic Payments for Usage and Potential Repairs

well back to buying pre 1981 vehicles LOL. If anything, they were made of metal, had real bumpers, and would start in the cold of winter. None of that electronic shit to go dead or throttle body bs. just a good ole carb with the choke set right and a half press pedal, fired on 1st turnover.
I hope all of you who are worried about IoT are also avoiding social media. Facebook is the source of all evil and masses are getting exploited by it.
This is nothing new.

I was lunching with someone who told me that this actually happened to one of their clients. Said client was in a combine harvester at the time and it stopped in the middle of a field because he was behind with his payments.

Sounds like the perfect business model for automatic medical pods. It's not a matter of if, that's for sure.