I7 960,Evga X58 & 6GB DDr3 for sale..and Asus 24 VE 245 inch & Gateway FHX 2300

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May want to clean up the model # on that ASUS ... bump for you.
How is the monitor? Does it have any dead/stuck pixels? Did you like the monitor? I know it is a TN panel, but how are the colors and the viewing angle? I'm trying to get a monitor and I'd like an IPS, but my budget is limited right now. So if I can find a pretty decent TN panel, I might jump on it. Thanks.

Edit: Sorry, I'm talking about the ASUS monitor. Thanks.
@Gun_Strife..PM sent..

Just to let you guys know

I'm asking 420.00 for the CPU/MB/6GB ddr3..

thanks Dark
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All PM asnwers..now buy my stuff darn it ;)

(Man I got 5 kids to feed..[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMAtGaTl6WA"]Total Recall - Benny[/ame] LOL..
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