I Wish I Had A Portal Gun

The last part had me disgusted but the rest of it was funny.
last part was genius you think he's going somewhere... then BAM flips it up on you. THEN BAM! BACK WHERE YOU WERE THINKING!
Hilarious. And while the last bit was pretty nasty, it was a bit of a clever bait and switch-switch.
funniest thing I've seen in awhile, good thing I had headphones on nsfw a lil
ending was pretty epic I was all like oh god, whew all clear, oh god
I would definitely do the last part. I'd pretty much never leave the house... I'd have to ask the pizza guy to leave it on the doorstep, 'cause you know I'm not opening the door while I'm doing that... actually, I'd have to leave a sign out front saying "Please leave pizza on doorstep", 'cause my mouth would already be full.
Everyone who claimed to be disgusted is just sad they can't do it. Last part was the funniest of the whole video.
Caught this yesterday, and it was amazing. Now just need a portal gun, and then I'll be able to rap!

I kinda knew that he was going to play with himself at the end. I was taken in by surprise but I still didn't find that funny...

Additionally, I wish that stuff was even possible in the video game Portal; really... (Note how I did not say real life.)