I wanna sell my laptop!


Nov 3, 2004
Hey guys I have a Dell Inspiron 8500, it has a P4m 2.4ghz proc, 512 ram, 60 gig HD, geforce 4200 go, wifi, docking station, and the widescreen wuxga display capible of 1900x1200 Its in perfect condition, the reason why i want to sell it is because it is just too big for my needs. Its a pretty good gaming rig, it can run CS:S with ease. How much do you think i could get for it?
if you are lucky, someone locally will buy it from you for an overpriced amount. and i'm not kidding either... the market on ebay or even here is flooded. laptops that cost $1400 from Dell now are going for like $800-900 on eBay right now :( it's very depressing for those of us that are trying to sell our laptops without losing money
You can blame dells damn good deals going on now!!!
damn them!! ruining the resell rate! If aynone here is interested in my laptop let me know.
well...he isn't really advertising it....he's just finding out what he could get for it....

that against this forum's rules or something?
IceWeasel said:
seeing as your new you'll probably be forgiven, but this isn't the correct forum to post sales... you should do that ---> here

but please, before you post in there... read this --> Rules that must be followed
No, price/interest checks are not allowed in FS/T, nor are "make me an offer" type threads. If he wants to know how much it's worth, this is the best place to ask. ;)

Then if he wants to sell it, that's the right place, not here.
Current going price for something very similer is about $1100
on a national level
thats assuming you bought it with a 3 year warenty
complete care adds about $200 to the price
having less than a year left will redice the price by about $200

local sale will get you a higher price

how much did you pay for the machine origionaly?