I think I may....hit up the Dark side?


Nov 4, 2005
Yup, I just may. I'm not 100% on this though. It's like parting with a long lost puppy.

So, for Christmas, I decided that instead of a new monitor, I'll go for a new processor. Well, I'm a bit up in the air. On one hand, I can go for a Brisbane (4000+ most likely) and keep my MSI K9N. On the other hand, I can jump the fence, and I'd end up in the Intel camp. What I'm eying is a e6300 and a Gigabyte S3.

So, I've got a few questions, as I've never even touched an Intel chip :eek:. Is the Gigabyte S3 a decent board? How is it as far as overclocking? Is the DS3 worth the $30 over the S3?

Thanks for all the help :).
The DS3 is a great OCing board, that plus an E6300 will OC to destroy even the fastest of the OCed AMD FX chips.

That being said - AMD is the dark side.
Buying anything other than a C2D is a waste of money at this point.
Wait...AMD is now the darkside?

Great, I stay out of the game for a year and a half, and now my 3.4Ghz ES 775 processor is GOOD! I HATE being good. I bet now you're going to tell my I'm not the rogue maverick I though I was for having a 7800GTX!
The S3 is also a great board, and can OC just as well as the DS3. Is the DS3 worth the $30? not really, but if it fits your budget, go for it. It just has better caps than the S3 (which hasnt been proven to help in OC'ing or not).