I need some help choosing what midrange gpu to buy


Feb 6, 2021
Hello guys,
it's relatively hard right now to find a good gpu for a decent price. but today I got an offer to go pick up an used Rx5500xt for just 200€.
I think it's a good deal but is the RX5500xt really worth it or should I aim for a different gpu (1660 or 1660 super maybe) ?
I read some mixed reeviews abou the 5500xt online and I'm not sure if it will even fit on my mainboard. I posted my specs as a txt so maybe one of you could help me out.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day


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Dec 14, 2002
Your board has a standard PCIe 3.0 16x slot, so unless you have it crammed full of other cards pretty much any GPU should fit the board. It's the PSU and case you need to worry about. An RX 5500XT probably won't cause much trouble in that respect.

I'm not sure how that price is since I'm really not familiar with what the used market looks like in Europe, but it sounds reasonable given what the market's been like in the US lately. Whether it's worth it really depends on what else you can get and how much you want to spend.

Also, is it a 4GB or 8GB model? An RX 5500XT is about as fast as a GTX 1660 6GB... unless it's a 4GB 5500XT and runs out of vram. NV's midrange has been full of 6GB cards for years and a lot of games basically have a 6GB setting due to the large installed base of 6GB NV cards. Game devs target the hardware they think their customers will have when the game comes out. Reviews bear this out -- in some games the 5500XT 8GB model handily beats the 4GB model but doesn't beat 6GB cards with a faster GPU. So if you can grab a 6GB 1660 Super/Ti, RX 5600XT or 2060 they'll do better than an 8GB 5500XT.

If you don't have any other decent prospects maybe just buy it. You can always sell it if you find something better.