I need some Cuda/Parrellel projects to add to my portfolio.


Jul 15, 2010
I'm looking to add some parallel projects to my portfolio so I can check more boxes when looking for a new job.

Traditionally, I'm used to single threaded embedded work but, understand the problems of parallel programing. I'm looking for some simple projects that I can make to demonstrate I'm capable I can do stuff in parallel. Even if they are straight academic examples. The only thing online seems to be Matrix calculators which is such a boring and easy project.

What have you guy's done?
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Some ideas that popped into my head:
  • n-body simulation
  • raytracer
  • convolution neural network
  • LDPC/sum-product decoder
Web crawler, MD5 or some other type of bruteforcer/rainbow table generator, file transfer client?
Write a program that takes in an image and allows you too apply various filters to it. Start with the easy stuff, like NxN mean and median blur filters. Measure your single threaded implementation, write a parallel one, and measure that. Simple filters like that should be easy to get a decent speedup on.

Then move on to trickier filters.
What's your current experience level, and what interests you?