I need new IPS displays. Either 2x24" or 1 super ultra wide.


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Apr 11, 2001
My new Ryzen 3900x build requires better displays. I have an old Philips 24" 234E and a new temporary LG 24" MK600. Sizewise they are a perfect fit for my limited space, and fit with about 1 inch to spare on the far left and far right.
However, screen quality isn't the best. Contrast is too low, color reproduction is anemic (specially on the new LG with only 72% of NTSC) and generally they aren't great at showing an accurate representation of content on screen.

So... I am in the market for a good to great display combo with 2x 24" IPS' or 1 super ultra wide (not wider than 108cm or less than 43" in display size). I prefer a resolution of 1440p on the 24" displays, but can accept 1080p in a pinch, or at least 3840x1200 px on the super ultra wide.

I could, perhaps, possibly consider VA panels, but only if the color reproduction is verifiable as very high. And with very similar viewing angles to IPS.
The screens must be matte. None of this glossy stuff.
If the refresh rate is high (120Hz+), it's a definite plus.

Max budget is US$ 450-ish.

Suggestions? Thanks much.
Get two Dell 24" 165hz monitors they are not IPS colors are good but have Gsync and are the only 1440P monitor out there at 24"
I never tried a Ultrawide because basically afraid of bigger screens.

Thanks for the reply, but those are TN panels. Maybe good or great TN, but TN is garbage. I made a mistake of getting a "gaming" laptop with a "great TN planel" 120Hz, 99% SRGB etc etc... It sucks. Color reproduction is always off... even at a slight angle.
Acre XR382CQK. 38” ultrawide, 3840x1600, can split display with two inputs or pip, 75Hz Freesync