I need an AIO cooling solution for my long 980ti in a Define Nano S


Jul 8, 2008
First off, here is my build:

It's functionally complete and up and running right now. But there's still a few minor things to do and one big issue. Cable management isn't done well yet either, but only because I know I'm going to have to open it up and make some changes before I finalize that. I'll likely be getting some new case fans depending on what I decide to do with the GPU, that might necessitate a fan controller as well, but.. well lemme get to the main issue.

The GPU, as well as the 2 Samsung SSDs are inherited from my last desktop. I bought it a month or two before the machine finally kicked the bucket. I was able to continue using the card hooked up to an ancient laptop for a good while, so I still got plenty of use out of it. Now I've got it installed in my new machine and am super happy with it. Sure it's a generation old, but considering how crazy GPU prices are, and the fact that nVidia hasn't made a the 1100 series since, and looks to be putting it off, I'm still super satisfied. Also, I don't imagine I'll be graduating past 1080p any time soon. The problem, though, is that in my new smaller case, the GPU, which has 2 big fans instead of a reference cooler, has half of its airflow blocked by the PSU

I knew this was going to be an issue, and had planned on solving it by adding an aftermarket AIO to the GPI, the case has plenty of room up front for it. However, now that I'm at that point, I see that I wasn't nearly as prepared as I had thought. I had ordered a Corsiar HG10 cooling bracket but upon receiving it, I realized it wasn't going to fit my non-reference card. EVGA has a hydro version of the 980ti, and since they used to sell the cooler as a separate kit, I assumed that would be my next solution. But after some research, I discovered that my model (06G-P4-4995-KR) wasn't listed as a compatible model. My next idea, was an NZXT Kraken G12 but they confirmed that it wasn't compatible, over twitter. I have seen an example of the G12 modified to fit my GPU, although, it ended up looking like it would take up too much vertical space for my setup, anyway. Also, I don't like the way that looks like it's putting stress on the PSU connectors. My last hope right now is an Arctic Cooling Accelero Hybrid III 120. I've contacted them and they told me it should be compatible. But it is out of stock, literally EVERYWHERE! *sigh* I've also seen GPUs vertically mounted in my case but my GPU is too long to fit that way.

Finally, I could try and sell my card, and put that money with my GPU cooler money together and try and find an affordable used 1080 reference card, or something, but... I'd much rather have a quieter AIO with some quiet fans, taking up the front half of my case. Plus my budget after this build, is already stretched to its limit right now. Maybe I should just live with it in this bad situation for now, and save money for the next gen GPUs? Are there any AIOs I've not seen, or any other solutions I've not considered? I'm really running out of ideas :( Thanks in advance!
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When I researched the Kraken G10 I remember a lot of people had to use a shim or completely remove the mid plate, but it was possible to use it on an evga 980ti.