I need a modem that doesn't die after 4 months


Jan 27, 2005
I went through 2 of the same motorola surfboard SB5120 modems and after about 5 months I start to get packet loss and it gets worse and worse until I can no longer play games, so i want a new type of modem. I have COX cable internet and I play multiplayer games a lot. Are linkseys or D-link modems better? There are mail in rebates for both but i would have to purchase by tomorrow:



Which do you recommend? Thanks
The 5120 models are pretty widely much held to be the best out there. If you're cooking them at this high rate....you should look into maybe "why"...what's quirky with your setup. Noisy AC power, something odd with your lines. Perhaps invest in an APC battery backup unit with coax and ethernet filtering.
You may have a heat problem if the modem is sitting on top of a PC, or modem and a router are stacked.
i concur it is unlikely that two different modems would burn out so quickly with out some sort of external reason. Also have you had Cox come out and look at your wiring. If the cable line is not properly grounded, a good bit of voltage on that line would fry your modem pretty fast.
You may have a heat problem if the modem is sitting on top of a PC, or modem and a router are stacked.

Reminds me....I have, in the past, seen routers lock up because of this, and one croaked...the person placed them right on top of his computers speaker systems massive subwoofer! Large magnets...and network equip...don't get along well.
Well I did read reviews about this particular modem I own, and many people say that it also stops working for them after several months, and some have even said that it is not good for gaming due to its high packet loss. I have my modem far from the tower...it is sitting on my right far BELOW the tower in a place where air can ventilate, and a few inches away from the router. This router has been working properly for the 2 years I've owned it too, and the wiring has been replaced when i got this last modem in December. I don't really want to get anotehr 5120 based on my experiences with it and the reviews i read of people who have had it for over 3-5 months.
Dunno what to say...DSLReports..pretty much held as the best modem
Our forums at Speedguide...pretty much held as the best modem
I have..oh..probably 50 clients using them? I can't recall replacing 1
Use one myself..and I live and breath online gaming (specically the Battlefield series)...and I'm very anal about online gaming performance...runs great.