i like the way the fic looks, but i hear shuttle is more reliable..

Apr 10, 2002
i am going to finally build and sff... i really like the looks of the fic sffs..

but i might just go shuttle and mod it..

i really don't want to go the p4 route.. i am thinking of a 2400+mp or 2500+ amd..

what sff would be good for an amd? shuttle seems to make better looking systems for pentium..

i would like to be able to get a shuttle, processor, and memory for under $400.. maybe a video card.. but i don't play games, so onboard would probably suffice.
FIC makes better mainboards then Shuttle does. I'm not sure about the SFF PC but based on what I've read FIC is better their too. SilentX is a trademark of the X PC. But FIC usually uses bigger power supplies then Shuttle. Plus PFC makes great power supplies which is what FIC uses. In the last Anandtech round up of power supplies the PFC came out on top.