I have pictures of my daughters graduation I need something changed on


Quakecon Guy
Feb 16, 2003
hope this is the right place to post this.

The company that took the pictures of the graduation use the same diploma for everyone. I would like someone to change the name on it to hers. I have pictures of her diploma with her name on it so if someone could use that to put her name on the one with the wrong name that would be great.




thank you

they have some weird sharpening filter, not to mention the photoshop of the image. Your photo is not sharp in comparison

Thank you! they sent 4 different file an XL, L, Thumbnail, and Instagram. don't know if that matters.

thank you

Here's my attempt. If they gave you any TIFF files that'd help - your image has a lot less compression than theirs.

thank you! can you also do the other one...I paid $100 to be able to download all (5) pictures...they are not the best but it was the best they offered

Graduation pictures are the biggest racket known to man. I can't remember what I paid for them and the POS plaque, but it was not worth a fraction of it. It was the only time I went out of my way to make a BBB complaint.
yeah the name thing really sucked. how hard would it have been to leave bland and have the real names put in
Nice work fellas. It’s great to see you guys helping out another forum member like this.
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yes it is nice. I don't come around much anymore, old age does that I guess but its great to know the place is still here and helping people :)