I have a very simple at-home issue I can't solve. Cost effective way to extend at-home wireless.

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    Jun 6, 2014
    So, we have Verizon at my house. The Verizon signal comes into the Verizon router in the living room, but the signal is too weak in the furthest bedroom. I have tried using one of those WIFI extenders from Amazon but they simple don't work. The only way it works is using it to power my 5 port switch in the bedroom.

    What is a cost-effective way to extend the wireless network in the house? I tried plugging one of the CAT5 cables into the LAN side of a wireless router I had bought figuring it would just re-transmit the existing network connection in the room without giving out IP addresses... it worked for maybe a day and then stopped working.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    So, you definitely can't just connect a wireless router via its switch ports to a network and have it extend an existing wireless network. Wireless networks don't work that way (fortunately, and unfortunately). What you need is probably just a better wireless router, or some dedicated APs. Either way, it's getting rid of the terrible wireless that's often provided by carrier routers in the home. You could either go a simpler route with an out of the box mesh solution, or you can do something a bit more feature rich.
    • So this is a Verizon WISP router right? LTE to the home via the Verizon router?
    • This router then acts as your wireless router for the home?
    • It sounds like you have ethernet runs into different areas of the home?
    • How large is the home?
    • Single floor, multifloor, basement?