I am watercooling my shoulder


May 26, 2021
I'm not trying to do an overclock.

I need "cold therapy" after surgery, so I got a water cooling unit. Has a water/ice chest an a pump to circulate the cold water through a "bladder" which wraps around my shoulder. But i don't need thermal paste between my shoulder and the bladder. And i'm not measuring fps.



Supreme [H]ardness
Apr 17, 2006
I ran a similar setup for my knee. Works great but you have to keep replacing the ice. What you need to do is mod it with that chiller Intel used. No need to change the ice and you’ll stay cool all day.


May 17, 2008
I had shoulder surgery just before Christmas. I broke off a piece of bone at the edge of the socket part so my arm kept popping out of the socket. They added in a piece of cadaver bone with 2 screws to keep that from happening again. It has been staying in fine since then. I started physical therapy in the later part of January and am still going twice a week. There has been steady progress but I do not have full range of motion yet. It just takes time so don't get too down about it. Try to stay positive and pretty much follow orders and you should be fine. Good luck.
I never did get the water cooler. Insurance would not cover it. Instead I had some flexible ice pack things I picked up at Walmart. I had to keep changing them out. The water cooler would have been nice.