Huxley Seriously where is it


Limp Gawd
Jan 20, 2009
WTF mate. Does anyone know when huxley is going to be released other than q42009, and preorder on newegg. Ive been following this games since i was in senior year of highschool, that was 2006. I mean hell when is it going to be here.Because really i think that Borderlands wont have anything on huxely.
To be honest, I would be very surprised if the game ever made it to retail.
So im pretty much looking at the next Duke Nukem Forever. I seriously had my hopes up. Well borderlands will have to suffice.
Huxley had some good things going for it, but like others in the thread have said, it's not worth getting your hopes up for...
Played the beta in the summer or so... Sucked really bad.
There were some pretty glaring basic design issues that I can't see being changed before release, and the whole thing certainly needed more than a few months of bug-fixing and polish as well.
I lost interest in it after I found out they canned the whole MMO aspect. It's just a glorified Battlefield, and it probably won't have as much depth.

It's all instanced bullshit. All interest died when they went to an instanced setting. I can only hope with Planetside's recent poll (for if the public wants another Planetside), that Sony makes another game like Planetside.

Huxley is poop. You might think it will trump Borderlands, but despite the "issues" BL has, it's an awesome game. It will be hard to top Borderlands.
I hear Huxley was just a code name, and it's actually a Duke Nukem Forever MMOFPS.
I hear Huxley was just a code name, and it's actually a Duke Nukem Forever MMOFPS.

Except a DNF MMO would be awesome. Huxley is horse manure. Actually, Huxley is worse than horse shit. At least you can fertilize crops with horse shit.
Ijji just finished the Closed Beta and open beta will start soon enough. I am going to try it at least, but I have lost all hope. I still think Neocron was about as fun as MMOFPS got so far, and there's a lot of room for improvement eh?