Humble Bundle acquired by IGN

It was kinda sucking recently, I look at this as a neutral thing.
I am kind of concerned about it, but I guess for now we have no choice but to wait and see what happens.
LOL maybe they will review every game in every bundle and get more exposure I bet they keep it the same as it was.
LOL maybe they will review every game in every bundle and get more exposure I bet they keep it the same as it was.
Agreed, I think ign will start linking to their reviews of the games to drive traffic to their site which is not a terrible thing if it does happen.
Humblebundle just kept going down in quality. I don't care that much.

greenmangaming too, it's just the lets do REAL low prices, get a bunch of customers/accounts, raise prices/sell out.
Ugh...this is disappointing. Humble Bundle and Store has been working out pretty well. Hell, Humble Monthly gave you, for $12 - at least one $30+ title (sometimes being a $50+ title) per month along with a bunch of others - I've written reviews going back to April of this year of each Monthly. XCOM2, Total War: Warhammer, Dragon's Dogma, and many other titles were included. The "regular" bundles themselves had bright spots and "meh" spots. Lets not forget that it all goes along with what devs/publishers allow them to bundle and they have a new standard Game Bundle every week so they can't all be extraordinary and to your taste. In the past, there were fewer bundles and the landscape was different - hell, Humble Bundles were a main launching vehicle for many indie titles and for that matter, helped to showcase that Linux users were a valid, viable market - before such things like SteamOS / Linux for Steam existed or were nearly as big. Back in those days, you could opt to which OS you wished your purchases to count and Linux users always had the highest average spending; sadly, they changed the policy to bind it to browser user agent withoujt an option to manually select, which I always found annoying but I eventually used a browser user agent switcher when need be. When they brought up the Humble Store, it became one of my core "major, legit" purchasing locations, alongside Green Man Gaming and direct from Steam/GOG etc.. They typically had rotating sales with Steam so as soon as something went of Steam sale, it went on Humble Store sale for similar you could frequently get a deal. Likewise, Humble Monthly subscribers get a stacking 10% discount, plus everyone gets a certain amount of cash back - in addition to some of it going to charity of your choice.

I don't have a high opinion of IGN so I'm not very happy with this. If they're going to leave Humble to their own devices and decision making then that's good - if they stick their claws into them to push the latest review-score bent junk, then that would be unfortunate. The only possible way this could be a good thing is if the funds backing Humble, thanks to IGN, will mean better leverage and flexibility for bundles/pricing, but I am skeptical such a thing would happen without intruding on the customer's benefits somehow.