Huawei Storage, anyone had an experience with it?


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Dec 17, 2000
So we are embarking on a storage refresh for our platform (400ish VM's (vmware), serving out to 1200 RDP users give or take (small MSP / private cloud setup)), its currently a mess of stuff we are purchased, built over the years and we are looking to standardise it all on upto date decent storage.

Huawei have put forward an option based on huawei oceanstor 2600 v3 units, the capacity is ok, but I'm worried the units may be underpowered fore what we need and the whole show runs like ass when we move to it, I also have a quote from a nexenta partner (super micro, dual head nodes, a crap load of storage with flash up front), but the nexenta is a tricker sell to management as they have heard of huawei..

so question is will the huawei gear server out 400 servers without falling over on day 1?



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Mar 14, 2011
we have to deal with their network switches and servers for some of our non-U.S. customers (big telecom if you care)

it's the most horrible hardware vendor we've ever seen :(