HTPC Questions - Recommendations


Sep 9, 2000
I have a dell gx50 SFF p3 1ghz currently serving as my PVR/DVD Player/Media center. I have the Leadtek TV Expert 2000 xp for vid capture/tv tuner. I have a generic geforce 440mx for video duties, a 60 gb hard disk, and a usb sonica for Digital audio.. I use the onboard intel audio hardware to capture the audio. The tuner is connected to the CD input.

I am currently previewing showshifter. Most everything works fine, except showshifter will not capture the audio. I checked the "Record audio line" setting in the video sound settings portion. It was blank. I select "Intel integrated audio - cd audio" selection, adjust the levels, select ok. I go right back into that screen, and the selection is again blank. I've restarted the app, rebooted, etc. The crappy software included with the leadtek card captures audio properly, so I know its not my hardware/config.

Is showshifter the best for my setup? Is there any other decent (hopefully cheaper) alternatives?