HTC Desire (and their type) Accessories

Discussion in 'Smart Phones and Devices' started by Trepidati0n, Aug 30, 2010.

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    Oct 26, 2004
    I just picked up a HTC desire (the wife got one too). The thing is though, we need quite a few accessories. In the old days of simple phones...just charging at home or in the car was easy enough. However, with how fast you can drain these phones, simple methods just aren't enough.

    1. What is a good dual USB charger for cars? With our old Raz' was 30 minutes a it is 2 hours each. I'm looking for sure for one that will have the data pins shorted to make sure I get full charging ability instead of gimped USB. More flush would be a bonus.

    2. Where do we get extra cables without being raped. I really don't feel like paying $20 for $0.01 worth of copper. Even if the price was half, that would be amazing. I was hoping to find them for ~$5.

    3. What is a decent desk based docking station for the Desire (or close enough)? I would prefer that this one support both AC and USB charging methods. I've heard of ones that have a spot for a second battery to be charged, but unsure about their quality.

    Thanks in advance.