HP Netserver WC Rebuild Project


Jan 3, 2003
I recently tried fitting my asus a7n8x motherboard with the watercooling i installed in my YY Cube. needless to say, it didnt work because i was using the 3/4" OD tubing and theres like an inch at the top of the motherboard tray for it to go in, and the motherboard socket is up top (the pump outlet is facing vertically on the opposite side of the case. the radiator for the return line is there too, so it would have to go back over the top of motherboard plate to complete the circuit). so, with a full rig worth of watercooling goodness, we needed a case more conducive to our plans...

We found it in the chassis of an old HP Netserver LM (old i386 server rig, rather large, very heavy).

here's the details so far:

- we pulled all the parts out from inside, removed the PSU's and the hotswap backplane on the drive cages, as well as the motherboard and daughtercards

- reinstalled drive cages, currently in process of fabricating a psu mount in the tape drive space above the hotswap array. it's going to be a little weird with the PSU in the drivecage (plug and fan to front, but oh well. i'm also replacing the PSU (currently a trashy 320W turbolink) with a 400W silverstone with active PFC (good rails, good price).

- the lower hotswap cage will be adapted to use the 90° pump mount made for use in the YY, and will be secured similarly (the really fat toggle bolts)

- i'm inserting the PSU divider plate (this 10GA piece of galvanised steel) between the cages to shield the hard drives in the upper cage from EMI from the danner mag 5.

any idea about the best way to tap and drill holes in the motherboard plate for standard ATX?


Limp Gawd
Feb 9, 2002
Any hardware store will have a drill and tap set. Mark your holes on the mobo tray, drill holes, tap holes. I think most mobo standoff's have 6/32 threads, but that's just off the top of my head (i.e. check before you drill;) )