How W10 Will Prevent Updates from Randomly Rebooting Your PC: Machine Learning

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    Nov 18, 2008
    I got a wonderful idea you MSFT putzes, let the USER control what and when to install updates and decide when to apply the update or shutdown/restart to apply it (instead of forcing it to happen whether we want/need it or not).

    Better yet, why should it need to shutdown to restart the vast majority of updates, how many years now has MSFT done Windows OS that had access/ability to use the internet for updating purposes, 20 years ~ ? figure they would have thought of a better less obstructive way of making it happen when they make the big hoopla about "updates are important because we do not want machines making other ones "sick".

    Am sure it would not be as "simple" as I imagine, but why could there not be a "suspend" setting while update is applied (like some graphics cards do when a soft crash causes the adapter to lose functionality and it tries to restore itself without requiring a full shutdown action).

    You figure if anyone could go and should go that "extra mile" it would be the company that wants EVERYONE using their operating system where they can make $$$$$$$$$$$ because of "usership" amounts.

    I just don't get it T_T
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    May 11, 2016
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    NO, NEVER!