How to view Unreal Engine 4 content on Rift S?


Jun 6, 2014
So, I searched here and through Google and can't find the answer to this question. My company bought the Rift S because we originally had the Rift and we like the simplicity of the Rift S compared to the original Rift. We had a Unreal Engine 4 VR thing that we showed to people using the Rift but since switching to the Rift S I can't view it. All I would so before is run the Unreal Engine title, the experience would show on the screen fine and then you just put on the Rift to experience the content. However when I do that now it doesn't do anything... I just see the pass-through. I didn't change any settings in Oculus and it's already set to accept items from unknown sources.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.