How to use gpt-4o on my PC/Mobile?


[H]F Junkie
Dec 17, 2006
I've never used Chat GPT before, but have been reading and seeing videos about the new update " 4o " and everyone raving about it.

So how and where do I download it and install it on my Pixel Pro phone and my home Gaming PC rig?
Chatgpt cannot run on your personnal hardware, they have over 200 billions weights (maybe in the trillion now) models running on supercomputer.

The app are only on apple at first I think (and will use Internet to talk with a server), not sure if they are available to everyone yet.

On your computer, you can simply use your browser:

Right now it is possible you will have only 3.5 for free and 4.x needing an account, there will be a roll-out on who can try 4o first.

It is possible to access it indirectly for free with some VsCode extension that use it, if it is for coding.

The big difference of 4io over the previous 4 version is being much faster and much cheaper (will be 100% free to use via the web like 3.5 is currently), in many facets not much about being better (in coding it seem to have improved quite a bit).