How to transfer pictures from PC to iPhone?


Mar 13, 2008
My daughter has an iPhone 5s running iOS8 and I am using a PC running Windows 7.

She got her phone replaced due to a screen bulging but she wanted to take the pictures off before that, so I just plugged it in, drag and drop the pictures from the old iPhone to the PC. Easy enough.

When I try and drag and drop the pictures from the PC to the DCIM folder on the iPhone it will not let me complete the operation.

iTunes recognizes the iPhone. Windows recognizes the iPhone.

I did sync the photos folder from the PC which copies the contents of the folder over to the iPhone but she cannot delete or edit the photos done with this method on her iPhone.

I installed DropBox and can copy the pictures from the PC to DropBox and it syncs just fine and the pictures show up in the DropBox app on the phone, but again you can't edit the photos on the iPhone or move them as they stay in the DropBox app.

Why can't it be like my Nexus 6 and just drag and drop either way from PC to phone or phone to PC?

Should I just buy one of the WiFi transfer apps and if so which one works the best?

All I want to do is just copy pictures from the PC to her iPhone and she does not want to use iCloud as she ran out of room as she has a lot of pictures.

She needs to be able to edit and delete pictures on the iPhone.

Thanks for any advice for a frustrated Android dad trying to help my daughter out with this GD iPhone.


Jul 22, 2008
I use PhotoSync it syncs back and forth from pc to ios devices and they also have an android version.


Nov 18, 2012
Not sure why she can't edit the photos once they're on her phone. I never have any problems synching editable photos, or anything else, between my 5s and Win 7 PC through iTunes. I guess you could try e-mailing a few photos to her phone and see if she can edit them. She should pull a few photos from her iCloud just to see if she can edit or delete them. If she can't it might be a defective phone or iOS installation.


Limp Gawd
Jul 20, 2008
I think if it's synced with the folder/files on your pc it won't allow edit bc they're possibly read-only files? I've read in to the same issue many times. Don't they have to be saved into your camera-roll to be editable/deleteable?