How to take videos off Ipods


Limp Gawd
Sep 9, 2004
I have alot of video I downloaded off iTunes and I ran out of space on my 30GB Ipod. Is there a way to take some videos off so I can free up some space? I don't want to delete it, I just want to store it or something.
Just uncheck the videos in question in iTunes. That's how I do it. (Make sure "Sync only checked songs & videos" is checked in your ipod settings window)
Plug the ipod in to your computer, go to the ipod in iTunes and go to the videos tab. There's two sections in this tab, it's the second section down. Customize what you want synced there. It's probably set to sync everything. Uncheck that and select sync only the ones you choose. Hit sync in the lower right corner of iTunes and it will remove the ones you haven't selected.
alternatively if you don't have the videos on the computer anymore and you'd like to recover them check iPhoneDrive.