How to setup a second router on ATT fiber as a AP to extend wireless ?

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    Mar 18, 2016
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    Sep 10, 2016
    I think I found an ideal solution for ATT fiber to get maximum performance.

    My ATT gateway has all wireless and networking/firewall features turned off. I then have it connected to an Asus AC68 router using passthrough mode on the ATT gateway. This bypasses the ATT gateway router features which are substandard and the Asus AC68 performs as the router. Pasthrough mode essentially turns the ATT gateway into a modem. Then I use an Orbi in AP mode connected to the Asus router for my wireless signal throughout my house which is much better than what the ATT gateway or the Asus router could provide.

    I would have just connected the Orbi to the ATT gateway in passthrough mode but the Asus router gave me better wired download speeds and maxes out my 1000 mbps connection while the Orbi had a bottleneck resulting in slower download speeds. I think Orbi also probably performs better in AP mode for wirelesss so I now have great wired and wireless performance. An AC68 can be bought for around $50 used on ebay.
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