How to set up BiblePay and also get free coin for DC'ing

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    Skip down to post 13 for the link on updated instructions.

    You can now earn BiblePay by running Rosetta@home.

    If you are not using BOINC and would like to donate your CPU and/or GPU resources to benefit science, please consider joining our team. We have tons of information in the Distributed Computing forums. I think you will find us to be a lot more helpful or willing to help than those in the mining crowd.

    You can download BOINC from here -
    I recommend using an account manager if you are going to run multiple projects. We have a how-to here -
    How to setup BOINC (due to the file hoster pics can only be seen by following place holders. A replacement thread/edit will come in the future) Windows & Ubuntu Cent OS 7

    Register with Rosetta@home - currently not working. WCG only as of 12/25/19
    Rosetta@home is a volunteer distributed computing project by the Baker laboratory, University of Washington, running on the BOINC plattform of the University of California, Berkeley.

    First, visit the Rosetta@home homepage and click on "Sign up" -
    You now have to join the Biblepay team. (This is unfortunate)
    New - You can now join any team. Please join team [H] here -
    New New - You now have to be part of the Biblepay team again

    They are back to allowing all teams to claim. However, you will be required to stake more BBP if you are not part of their team. Since this is [H] you are encouraged to join our team still.

    Install the BOINC software on your computer. The link above should walk you through it if you are not sure how. Attach to the Rosetta@home project. An example of attaching is provided in the how-to link above.

    New - They now also award based on contributions to the World Community Grid. Set up an account here as it will also assign you to our team -
    Add it to your BOINC client just as you did Rosetta@home only use the user name you chose rather than email address as WCG is the only BOINC project that does logins differently. If you need help with this, please ask in the distributed computing forums or PM me.

    Install Biblepay
    Important: If you already have a Biblepay Wallet installed, you can skip this step. But be sure that your wallet is the current version!
    The second component of Biblepay mining is the Biblepay Wallet/Client itself. The Version you need depends on your operating system:

    • Windows: Go to the Biblepay Homepage and download the Client/Wallet
    • Ubuntu Linux: Install the biblepay-qt package as explained in the Ubuntu Biblepay Wiki page
    • Linux and MacOS: Compile the source code from github and compile it on your own. The "doc" Directory on github contains important information about the compiling process. This is only for advanced users!
    After the installation has finished successful, please start the Biblepay Walltet/Client.

    Connecting Biblepay with Rosetta@home
    On the Biblepay Wallet, click on the Tab "Distributed Computing" to connect your Biblepay Wallet with Rosetta@home

    Important: You need at least 2 BBP (because the fee may be slightly over 1) in your Wallet to assign your Wallet to Rosetta@Home! If you have no BBP, please read The "Getting Biblepay" Guide to learn how to get your first Biblepay Coins
    On success, you will see your CPID (an identifier to link Biblepay with Rosetta@home) at the bottom of the page.

    It might take some time before the Biblepay network will accept your CPID. (Mine took less than 8 hours. After waiting a couple hours, I went to bed. The next morning it was there.)

    For those that would also like to mine directly
    Setup Proof of Power Mining
    This is an optional step
    To fully activate the Proof of Power Mining, you need assign more mining power to the PoW Mining.

    First, we need a Biblepay address:

    1. Open menu "File" -> "Receiving addresses"
    2. Click on "+ New" on the bottom left of the Popup
    3. A new address is added, right click the address and select "Copy Address"
    Next, we need to edit the Configuration file:

    1. Click on "Tools" -> "Open Wallet Configuration File" in the menu
    2. An editor will open, paste the following content into the open editor:
      minersleep=0 (you may need to register an account)

    3. Replace [BIBLEPAY_ADDRESS] with the Biblepay address in your clipboard.
    4. Save the file
    5. Restart the Biblepay Wallet
    Note: "genproclimit=" controls the amount of power is assigned to biblepay. Lower the value if rosetta stops working, or increase it to assign more power to PoW mining. The maximum value is the amount of cpu cores.
    You can check if your mining is working via the Debug console:

    1. Click on "Tools" -> "Debug console"
    2. Enter "getmininginfo" in the bottom input field and press enter.
    3. The result should contain " "biblepay-generate": true," and " "poolmining": true,"

    Note: You can PoW-mine on as many machines as you want. Just copy your main wallet.dat to the wallets on other machines.
    You need to add the following line to the biblepay.conf of all wallets except your main one: utxooverride=-1
    This makes sure that only your main wallet sends PODC-updates

    You are now nearly done with all the setup, only one important point is left: There is something called Staking in use with Biblepay and Rosetta@home. To get the full reward for your work, you need to prove that you already have Biblepay coins. Without that, you will receive a smaller reward.
    This is done to prevent strong Botnets to overtake the Mining and harm all others, but it makes it a little bit harder for new miners to start mining.

    You don't need to spend the coins, you only need to have them in your Biblepay Wallet. That's all.

    Your work in Rosetta@home is counted in RAC, a credit system used by Rosetta@home itself. More work will result in more RAC. To get 100% of your work rewarded, you need 20 biblepay coins (bbp) per RAC. The result is called UTXO weight.
    Example: If you have 10,000 RAC, you would need 200'000 bbp in your Wallet to get the full reward.

    You can set the amount of staked biblepay coins in your biblepay.conf with "utxoamount=X" (x = amount of coins).
    Note: Biblepay and later will do this automatically.

    Important: You need at least 1 BBP per RAC to get any reward from the system. With less BBP per RAC, you will get no reward. You need 20 BBP per RAC to get the full 100% reward for your work. (these numbers may not be exact but are simple enough to base off of.)

    Edit: They are also adding WCG to the PoDC option. You still have to set the client up for Rosetta@home, but your WCG RAC will now count as well.
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    Come on here flogging biblepay.... yes, this will end well.
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    bible pay lol. You too can be paid in something that is fictional!
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    Miners - we are a cranky bunch.

    Villified, misunderstood, distrusting, paranoid, and independent...that's us! :p
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    Apparently, all it takes to be labelled a Satanist is to disagree with a Dev that doesn't show any support to his claims. I'm still waiting on a reply to that PM. Never knew that it was very "Christian" to make threats like that over disagreeing about the capabilities of hardware/software. I went ahead and screenshot the details in case he decides to delete posts.

    03.PNG 00.PNG 01.PNG 04.PNG 05.PNG
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    I'm still trying to grasp why it is that Jesus needs cash, cryptocurrency or otherwise. If he (or God) actually wanted to help people, why would cash be needed?
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    Imaginary things need imaginary currency
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    This, lol
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    Well, instead of something intelligent, I get this. Typical response of lousy devs that do not understand what they are working with. Their solution, instead of actually having intelligent discussion just push users away. Stroke their own ego. Seems to be a plague of this in the crypto realm.

    Biblepay reply.JPG
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    From looking around the interwebs, apparently this Dev (Rob) was a former Gridcoin Dev and also was the admin/dev of GridcoinFinance which was a shit project in the BOINC community. Things make a little more sense now......
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    Self-threadcrapped crap thread.

    It's like an Xzibit "Yo dawg" meme and an Inception meme all rolled into one.
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    Hey Gilthanis, I am sorry for your past interactions with Rob, there are others with similar stories

    I will say the past year Rob has chilled out a lot, please give him a second chance

    It is true, that Rob was the Founder and Lead Developer of Gridcoin (GRC), launched October 2013, the #1 science cryptocurrency

    He publically resigned from Gridcoin this April 2019, here is his letter:

    From my own digging of the cryptocurrencytalk forum, I believe he created BiblePay initially as a side project to fix the problems he was facing with Gridcoin

    BiblePay (BBP) coin recently added back in rewards for BOINC research, currently only supporting the World Community Grid (WCG) project,

    About 24% of block rewards are going to this now, and users of any Team can join and get BBP coins


    Staking is back, To get full BBP coin rewards, if RAC (Recent Average Credit) is above 250

    Team BiblePay users need (RAC ^ 1.3) BBP coins in their wallet

    All other Team users need (RAC ^ 1.6) BBP coins in their wallet

    How to join Team BiblePay on World Community Grid:

    There is a user capulo, who has about 130,000 RAC right now in the leaderboard,
    and it looks like for first day he may get reward of 140,000 BBP (about $23),
    This will go down as more users jump in, but definitely some nice potential profits to be made

    Latest BiblePay News Update:




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