How to run Folding@home in a sand boxed virtual machine under Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise


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Jan 29, 2006
Until Kyle gets the Guides section fixed, I will place this guide here. When the Guides section returns, I will have a mod move it.

Microsoft recently came up with a Power Shell script to launch a sand boxed virtual machine using Hyper-V that downloads and installs Folding@home. However, their script attaches you to their team and does not use a passkey. Anyone running their script are not generating max points and are going to their team. So, I have modified the script so that it runs under my account with my passkey. I tested it and it seems to work ok. In the attached video, I show you how you can edit the script with your information as well as show you how to set up your system to allow the script to work.

1. Make sure virtualization is turned on in the BIOS
2. Make sure Hyper-V is enabled in Windows
3. Make sure you have the credentials that you want to run under in your script.
4. Make it simple to get to and that you run Power Shell as an administrator.
5. Remember that since it is sand boxed, it will not retain any of your files when you shut it down. So, you will want to make sure it can run as long as possible without being closed. The next time it is launched, it is a fresh install all over again.
6. Subscribe to my channel. :)
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