How to re-align/remove bezel? (LCD2490WUXi - or NEC monitors in general perhaps)


Limp Gawd
Jun 15, 2010
Ok call me crazy, but as i cleaned up cable work i noticed a location on the bottom edge of the monitor where the bezel doesn't align to the chassis correctly, like it hasn't "clicked" togehter - i thought i would make it "right" by fixing it. However, i'm not sure how the bezel is mounted and forcing anything would be pretty stupid.

One would think that it might be fixed by bolts or something going in from the back, but i can't find any. The design must be very clever thought out because removing a few screws at the back doesn't seem to do a thing - so i put them back :p

Has anyone removed the bezel from the monitor before? If so - how is it done? If it turns out that the bezel breaks, is there any way to purchase a replacement bezel from NEC?


Dec 24, 2009
I'd like to know too, because i'd like to take my recently replaced shitty b-stock 20wmgx2 apart and remount the panel to hopefully reduce backlight bleed. i've noticed my bezel is bowing out along the bottom center and doesn't look quite snapped in either - its fine on the top and sides. but i don't think that is having an effect on the backlight bleed. i think its panel torsion, in my case i think i have to loosen the panel.