how to optimize Primocache hit rate %


Limp Gawd
Jul 8, 2019
hi all i was wondering alot of the systems iv built in past have seen huge improvements from using Primocache as most systems ppl want arent like my Monolithic Monster, most the systems have this setup for storage,

1. 512gb m.2 or higher
2. pcie ssd (intel 750+)
3. 6-14tb HDD (seagate-WD)
4.16-32 gb ram

i have been gettin good results with 1-2gb ram cache and using a portion of the pcie ssd as its normally 400+gb least has been last 3 systems. i setup 32gb of the pcie ssd + 1-2 gb of ram depening if the client went with 16-32gb of ram,

i was wondering whats a more optimal setting to et 90+% cache hit rates in this software, these systems have been primarily gaming with the occasional light office duty work.