How much is this worth? (Laptop)


Apr 14, 2003
So I want to get rid of this damn laptop. Reason? Intel Intergrated Graphics just don't work well at all. Heh. I got it through my school because they force you to choose between 2 models, the upper end one and the lower end. I got the upper end one and still ended up with intergrated graphics :eek:

Anyway, here are the specs and I'm looking to sell it, just wanted to see if people could tell me how much it would be worth.

It's a tangent. No, it's not really no-name, they're more of an educational computer company who assembles laptops for colleges and other schools. It's not a bad machine, just the intergrated graphics suck.

Pentium 4 M 2.2 Ghz
768 MB DDR Ram
Intel Graphics 2 (yuck)
15" SXGA screen (XSGA or SXGA? i forget)
60 GB 4200 RPM Hard Drive (slow, oh well)
Intergrated A/B/G Wireless
24/16/16x CDRW Drive / 16x DVD Rom Drive
Windows XP Professional
Office XP Professional
Norton AntiVirus
4 Year Warranty

Any ideas guys? I might put this on ebay, who knows, but hopefully I can get enough cash to be able to afford (from the cash plus some money a good amount of money out of pocket) to buy a nice sager from
well give you a rough idea ..

i have a winbook almost the same kinda of non-name

2.2 / 512mb ram / 40 gig / dvd/cdr

and i got it for 699 after rebates so figures yours is around 900 - 1000 maybe
Okay, I'm thinking about ebaying it. It's just so damn slow :( It only got like, 800 in 3d mark, lol.
You sure? This laptop is not a gaming laptop at all. It hardly runs Counter-Strike (not very well, low as 20 FPS in iceworld, 640x480). Then again, it IS a laptop and it DOES have a 4 year warranty.

I ran 3d mark 2k1 on it and the laptop scored 1480, which is pretty damn slow =\
its pretty much what im looking for. just curious on what it looks like.

all i will use it for graphically is movies. i dont really play any games, i need a lappy for work and school.
I'm going to let it run on ebay with a Reserve of $1200 and see who bites. I'm guessing it'll get close to there, we'll see. I'll see what happens and get back to you, I'll probably end up trading it to you as long as you add in some cash as well.