How much does a new iPhone go for?


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Apr 5, 2001
Simple question, tho it requires a bit of setup. I'm considering buying the unlocked AT&T Nexus One if they don't announce any decent Android phones by May and I'm wondering how much of the cost I could recoup by renewing my AT&T contract to buy a discounted iPhone and then sell it.

I tried searching Ebay and the FS boards but there's such a wide range of prices, toss in new vs used and all the different versions (8/16GB 3G & 3GS) and my head was left spinning... Obviously I'd just buy whichever version/capacity I could get the biggest return on when re-selling it... Any ideas?
I know that on my local craigslist I see 8gb iPhone 3g going for $100-$200 all day long
8gb 3gs from $200-$300 these are all used of course. Why not buy a refurb 8gb 3g for $50 and sell it for $200 or get a refurb 3gs 8gb for $150 and sell for $300. Either way looks like a $150 come up on refurbs. New ones are $500 from what I've seen and you can get a new one for what $100 thru AT&T. I'd get a new one for $100 and sell it for $400
Hmm, yea, I figured buying a new one would net me the biggest return... Would doing it thru AT&T be the best option or would going to the Apple store be better? I'm just wondering about the packaging and what store would hand it over to me in the best and most un-opened condition, heh. If I can get $300 or nearly that for a new one it'd definitely make the Nexus One option very appealing, I'd only end up paying like $220 for it... Sure I'm still signing a new contract for the iPhone but I figure down the road the unlocked N1 is gonna have as good a re-sale value as anything else.
I don't blame ya for trying to save some cash on a n1, they are what $600 or more unlocked. It is a sweet ass phone tho. I think so many people are selling the iPhones now because they think June or July there will be a new iPhone released.
I wish I had sone cash I'd have you get me a iPhone for cheap lol.
I think it's only like $520-ish directly from Google, just had it in the cart yesterday, heh. I'm fine w/the price really (given that I don't have a lot of other options right now, between Sprint & AT&T who are my only valid choices where I live), but I don't mind signing a new contract to save some money either... Despite some huge hassles w/AT&T in the past (over billing mostly), the actual service has worked fine down here.
That doesn't help me much... :p I'd be buying it w/a contract renewal obviously, to then re-sell it for a profit... I wonder if holding out for the new one would actually be worth it, since it might be worth even more on the re-sale market, dunno. :confused:
Depends on where you live I guess. I easily sold my used 16GB 3G 3 weeks ago for 400. I would imagine a 3GS would be at least 500-600. probably 625 if new. Got a HD2 with the money I got from the sale too.
i got a 16gb 3g a month ago brand new with applecare for another year for 300.
Be careful buying an iPhone online, there is apparently a really good counterfeit manufactured somewhere in Asia that looks solid and even runs it's own semi- iPhone like OS. I remember reading about it in an article titled 'Would you buy an iphone in a pub for $100?' or something along those lines.
If you're dead set on an iPhone and money isn't a concern, then I'd hold off till midsummer when they release the next revision. If Engadget is right, it looks pretty swanky.
I got $700 for my 3GS (used but babied) but that was back in November. I'd estimate about $500 for it used right now, and maybe $600 new, which isn't a very good return on investment at all. I'd check ebay and craigslist for every model, spend a few hours researching. It's always rough right around now.
Yeah, I need to spend some time doing that... But $500-600 isn't a bad return on a new one, $200-400 depending on the model (16/32 GB), that's more than enough to cover a good 50-60% of the cost of a Nexus One. :p The new model's probably gonna crash those prices in June but it might open a whole new revenue option for me, heh, I might just wait it out... If I end up buying a Nexus One in May and getting less in return for an iPhone 4G later it's not such a big deal.

I'm still flipping out at AT&T tho, they swear on their FB page that they're still on track to meet the roadmap set by their press release back in January, the one that said they'd have 5 Android phones by June... But the only one out is the Backflop, makes no sense. There's all these snazzy looking Dell phones that were just leaked at Engadget, but none are coming out 'till Q4. They did announce the Aero already, so that makes two even tho it has no release date... Where's the other three tho, and the HTC models they promised... Argh!
Where I live in St. Louis, iPhone 8GB 3Gs are still bringing $250-$300 in good condition used. The 2Gs still seem to hover around $200 or so. I paid $175 for mine 2 months ago, and haven't seen one cheaper ever since, at least in good condition. So, it definitely depends on where you live.