How many SSD drives have you purchased?

Have 2 now, the stock blue labeled WD 512GB nvme that came with my MSI GL65 Leopard, and the 2TB Micro Center nvme I plan on installing once I add the 2nd m.2 components to the laptop that MSI decided to leave off.
Around 5 for myself, first being a Plextor M5S in 2012.
The rest were Goodram/Wilk Elektronik which is a local brand here.
One nvme, the rest SATA.

For work - at least 10 SATAs.

Basically I've only bought 5 mechanical drives since then, with 4 being 60 000+ hours used Dell enterprise drives (750G and 2TB) and one new 2TB USB3 one.
Mechanical - backups only, seldom spun up just to sync and maybe check filesystem.

To me there's just no justification of using a drive with abysmal small files performance when the bulk of the OS and program files are small in nature.
Have bought...

2x 64gb g.skill 2.5" (old desktop setup)
1x 32gb ocz 2.5" (never really used)
1x 128gb samsung 830 2.5" (old desktop setup)
1x 128gb verbatim 2ssd128 2.5" (just retired ps3 ssd)
1x 240gb sandisk extreme 2.5" (was game drive. Now ps3 drive)
1x 250gb samsung 850 evo 2.5" (just retired boot drive from desktop)
1x 500gb intel 545? 2.5" (some elses laptop)
1x 1tb inland premium nvme (current laptop)
1X 2tb inland premium nvme (current desktop)

So atleast 10 that i can think of.

Moved some of them to older pc's with win98se, win xp

Don't ask about micro sd cards.
Mid 2008: Bought three ES Intel X-25E SLC 64GB SSD's. I put them in RAID0. At the time, the multiplayer advantage was unreal. In Battlefield 2, I uncompressed the game files (they were actually compressed so a faster CPU also helped you load the game faster), but I also had a fast CPU with the game uncompressed at the same time. I was literally starting every round having the entire map to myself, capturing two flags while the remaining players were still prepping at their bases.

It was the only time when I was in the top 0.01% in some aspect in life for once.
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Currently in use-
1TB WD Black NVMe, 512GB Inland Pro NVMe, 480GB Crucial M500 2.5" SATA in my main laptop (although perversely I'm considering swapping the 2.5" for a 2TB spinny HDD, the horror)
250GB Samsung 840 2.5" SATA (plain not Pro/Evo) in my secondary laptop
16GB Sandisk 2.5" SATA in an old Windows XP tablet I use sometimes
512GB Inland Pro NVMe, 256GB Inland Pro NVMe, 512GB Kingspec(?) M.2 SATA, 256GB Intel 545 2.5" SATA in external enclosures (all Type-C except the 2.5")

First SSD I bought was in 2012, a 128GB Crucial M4 to refurb a 2007 Macbook, and it changed my life. Haven't been able to go back since. Second one I bought was later that year to replace the spinner in a new HP Envy 15- that's the Sammy 840 that's still chugging along in my backup laptop after being used in more systems that I can count. Most recent SSD I bought was one of the 512GB Inland drives. They're just too good, and Microcenter is right there!

Altogether I've bought four bare M.2 drives, and I think six or seven 2.5" drives, not counting ones that came installed in a machine which would add around six more M.2 drives and a couple mSATA although oddly I don't think I've ever bought a system with a 2.5" SSD already installed.