How many CPU cores are you running for gaming?

How many cores are you running for gaming?

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Jul 24, 2021
How many CPU cores are you running for your gaming PC? Reason I ask is because it is genrally easier to hit higher clocks on the P cores with more E cores disabled.

How many do you feel is necessary? How many is a waste?

I think 8 is the sweet spot right now but I personally run 12 cores 8p and 4e with HT off. What do you guys run?
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I ran a 12-core 3900X and then a 12-core 5900X before switching to an 8-core 5800X3D. It was the first time I ever upgraded to a CPU with fewer cores, but the main game I play (World of Warcraft) makes such amazing use of the extra L3 cache that I just couldn't pass it up. The game also rarely uses more than 4 cores, so even with "only" 8 cores I still have plenty of CPU available to handle the game as well as background tasks.
Currently 5950X (16-core) with SMT disabled and static OC.
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