How long since AMD was on top or within 5% of the best card?


Dec 24, 2014
People buy the most performance that they can afford most of the time. The few people that want the best if they can afford it will wait for the xx0/x1x/Titan variants as they know they will be the fastest for the longest time usually.
People who wanted the fastest GPU Nvidia had in 2012 bought the GTX 680. Companies bought Quadro.
You waited because something bigger was coming, which is the case ALL of the time, now how long it takes to make it worth it is up to the person. Apparently you were fine waiting a while until something faster than the GTX680 came out.
Thanks for letting us know why you didn't purchase a GTX 680.
I got a GK110 at release...just saying ;)


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Jun 13, 2003
Guess why I never owned a GTX 680?
I owned a pair of GTX670s, knowing exactly what they were -- and what the AMD cards weren't, to include differences in drivers and framepacing upon release, on top of AMDs efficiency difficulties.