How is video sent to the unit?


[H]F Junkie
Jun 3, 2005
Does this use two separate video feeds or does it use the same interleaving trick that 3D televisions use (either double frame rate or interlaced)?

And the card has to render the game twice right? Each lens gets it's own "camera" in game? So even 1920x1080, the card it still having to render the game in two views at the same time? Or have they come up with some cool trick where the game renders once and somehow it is able to extrapolate the position of two camera's (like in real life).
Which unit are you referring to? In general, a lot of stuff is going on.

In broud strokes:
The game engine renders two viewpoints slightly offset from each other.
A warping algorithm is applied to the image as well making it a sort of swirled mess.
This is sent as a single feed through an HDMI cable to the HMD where it is displayed and the image gets warped back into a useable image by the lenses in the HMD.
Because the image is rendered separately for each eye, the horizontal resolution of the screen is cut in half. Oculus Rift is 2160x1200 (1080x1200 per eye)