How I got the 2405 for $740 (or $660) - sharing time!


Dec 1, 2004
I got the 2405 for $740 (actually lower, I'll tell you later).

Here's the idea:
- There are 2 divisions of Dell (3 actually, but let's focus on just 2); Dell Home and Dell Small Business. Why am I telling you this? Because there are 2 coupons (33% off and $60 of $500) that work only one and not the other.
- The 33% off coupon will work ONLY with Dell Home.
- The $60 off $500 will work ONLY with Dell SB (There is another $60 off coupon and although it works for Dell Home ONLY, it doesnt work in this case BECAUSE the orig. stock price of the 2405 is over $1000).

Here's what I did:
- Call Dell SB.
- Tell them you want to put the order in for a 2405.
- Tell them you have a 33% off coupon (V96?D5167JSZ27). Yes, I know this coupon is for Dell Home, but if you call Dell SB - IT WILL WORK OVER THE PHONE! :p
- Then, after they quote you $798, tell them you have a $60 off $500 coupon (THIS IS THE CLINCHER)! The coupon code is this (X4XF13ZVZ$RX48) NOT this (FKPVH8KZFHDJT?). The LATTER only works for Dell HOME orders and doesnt work for things OVER $1000 orig. stock price while the FORMER works for ANY cost order ONLY in Dell SB.
- You will be quoted $738.

- 2 coupons used:
1) 33% off coupon (V96?D5167JSZ27) <- supposedly ONLY for Dell Home, but will work with Dell SB over the PHONE.
2) $60 off $500 (no limit in original item price) (X4XF13ZVZ$RX48) <- only works for Dell SB and NOT Dell Home.
3) The other $60 off $500 has a limit of orders UNDER $1000 (FKPVH8KZFHDJT?) works ONLY for Dell SB, BUT will NOT work this time around since the 2405's stock price is OVER $1000.

Got it? ;)

BTW, here's how I got mine down to $660.

1) I did what I just said above.
2) I had previously ordered a pair of 1905s but called to cancel it since I was getting a 2405. They told me that if I didnt cancel the order, I would get $80 credit on my 2405 order. I said OK and sold the 1905s to my coworkers for the price I paid ($258 w/ ship and tax EACH).

There.... too many times people brag about how they got their low price but most of the time, no one offers help. Well, here's mine.

It will end by this afternoon since the Dell SB phone reps wont be on after business hours and the $60 off $500 (the one with no price limit) will expire tonight as well.



Dec 1, 2004
Glad some people got some use out of this. I posted this on the [H]otDeals forum and it got some good people some good savings!


My good deed for the week.