How do you use your display(s)?


Aug 25, 2008
Thought this would be a useful thread as people here have all kinds of setups from small displays to multi-screen battle stations. Things to discuss would be things like:

  • How do you typically arrange windows on your displays?
  • Do you use software or extra hardware devices to improve managing windows or displays?
  • If you have multiple windows, what content do you use on each screen?
  • Do you use separate stands or multi-display stands to arrange them? How did you land on your arrangement? Do you leave screens put or move them around on monitor arms as needed?
I'm still working this out on my super ultrawide screen. I'm currently using a combination of MS Powertoys Fancyzones and DisplayFusion to divide the display. I use FalconX to bring my taskbar icons to the center because otherwise they are in an awkward position on a screen this wide.


Dec 16, 2010
I run 3x 27" PG279QZ (1440/144Hz/Gsync/IPS) and a 21.5" 1080P Dell IPS above the center panel.

I've been running a triple screen / NV Surround system since the GTX480 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 days.

My first monitors were 25" Asus 60Hz TN panels, then VG248QEs (when they were new), then Dell S2417DGs and now the Asus PG279s - I briefly tried an Alienware 34" back in May but I had major light leakage and they only sent me one replacement which was just as bad - I returned it and that's when I got the Asus monitors I have now.

The main reason I run the 4th monitor on top is to make HDMI surround sound easier. I use it for monitoring Discord when I'm in a game or for things like music play lists but I don't think vertical monitors are good for regular use as it's hard on your neck.

I originally used a Chief KTP 325B stand after getting one for about $100. It works well, but I discovered that Chief has a lot of products and they all work together and you can often get them very cheap on ebay. I'm currently using individual arms for each monitor.

I don't use any kind of screen or window management software - during the day, I use my left screen for personal web surfing (like this) and my center and right screen for work.

After hours, I play most games in NV Surround mode, but running at 2560x1440 so they only run in the center screen (the side monitors are blank and go to sleep due to no signal, then come back on when I exit the game and the triple screen desktop signal gets back to them.

I can run Minecraft, Guild Wars 2, Destiny 2, Battlefield 4, Forza Horizon 3 and any Valve game all in 7680x1440 and I can run Modern Warfare at 90-100fps if I use 75% scaling to 5760x1080 (in game scaling).

Overwatch and Apex Legends are single screen only (AL will run on 3, but the performance is terrible and it breaks the interface)

I really like running 3 screens for the immersion and I kept it as long as I did because Guild Wars 2 is one of the best games in NV Surround but I've all but stopped playing it the last 2 years. Also, with a 1080Ti, most FPS games are just too demanding to run at 3x 1440. Modern Warfare is one of the few exceptions but overall, unless Nvidia comes out with a total beast of a card, I just don't think the GPUs can keep up with this resolution.

The other reason for 3 screens is the flexibility to run my own thing while I run my work - it's convenient but it can also be a distraction. When I used the AW3418 for a month, I thought the size and performance were basically fine - the main thing I missed was having access to both systems.

I've decided that's as much a curse as it is a blessing so the current plan is to switch to the LG 38G950B when it comes out. I'll still run my 21.5 on topbut I'm going to sell at least 2 of the Asus monitors - might keep one or give one to a family member, not sure yet.