How Do You Pronounce "Lian Li"


Mar 13, 2003
Be patient, I am from NY and my accent doesn't help.

So how do you pronounce "Lian Li"

I say it

Lion Lee or Leean Lee

What is correct?
PawNtheSandman said:
Leean Lee
thats how I'd say it, but I don't think I've ever said that word in my life, just read it many many times
i haven't decided how to say it yet :p...i'm thinking either Lee-on Lee (this is not meant to be a sexual reference), or Leeann Lee
I say LAN, as in Local Area Network, Lee. That's probably wrong, but it's easy to say. :D
i think "lee-an-lee" is correct, but i have a habbit of saying "ly-an--le" :p
Well when i pronounce it, i throw in thirteen silent G's so it sounds alot like " Lee anne Lee"
lee an (pronounced like "and" without the D and with an upwards (volume) lower (pitch) accent ) lee

-me is native chinese speaker
i prefer to pronounce it "awesome," or "expensive," or sometimes a combination of the two: "awsomexpensive," or "expensivawesome."
undertheradar said:
Every time I talk with Lian-Li, or their distributor, they say Lee-On-Lee.

It prolly just sounds like "on" to you because of an accent...
"It prolly just sounds like "on" to you because of an accent..."

Quite possible, but wouldnt THEIR way be the right way anyways? It is THEIR company after all. It is prolly our accent that is wrong.
elguapo said:
lee ahn lheee

What´s the point of pronouncing it with the silent H ? I mean, when the H is silent, how are you able to pronouce it ?
Just a thought ;)

It´s pronounced as many have already said, Lee Ann Lee