How do you handle lab/public access machines?


Limp Gawd
Dec 9, 2005
Title says it all.

How do you handle these publicly accessed machines?

Currently we are using DeepFreeze (which we all hate, but we use it because it does what it is suppose to do), and we are looking for a new method.

We basically want the machine to stay in the state it is, no changes allowed.

Our options:
Move to group policies

Use Novell ZENworks to allow only the apps we allow to run to be ran

Re-image once a week

Push out new image every time someone logs on (and only give the necessary apps needed by that specific user). Not quite sure how we would even approach this one, or how quick it would be. But would love to hear if anyone is doing this method...

Hoping for some good replies...


Limp Gawd
Feb 28, 2005
Try using Microsoft SteadyState. It's free. I just installed it on the computers in a computer lab I set up for a local church. I allows you to limit the capabilities of the users per user account.

Check it out. It's not that bad for a Microsoft product.

For the imaging I just setup a ghost server. I ghosted all the machines with a fresh clean image. So, every so often I can just re-deploy the images over the network to each lab computer.