How did you purchase your Nvidia 3xxx series card? Owners vote only please.

How Many People Have Been Able to Aquire an Nvidia 3xxx series card from a non-official source?

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Limp Gawd
Apr 9, 2018
It's kind of nebulous as different states treat taxation differently... see for example.

JNCS could very well be rolling up the sales tax into their published marked up price, as they would be responsible for collecting/paying the sales taxes ultimately. I don't know.
Their website looks like ass but I did some digging into their other web presence to determine it was a legit business before placing my order. They are a small boutique builder, and their full system builds seem to be priced accordingly (ie.. overpriced - I'm surprised they are even willing to sell the cards by themselves instead of putting them in systems for an even larger markup... but I guess demand for cards far outstrips the demand for full builds)

I expect their cards are coming directly from manufacturers or distributors as they receive cards in batches and publish expected dates (currently the only thing showing is 8x EVGA 3090 FTW3 Ultra, but at the time I bought mine they had two batches of 3080s being received a week apart).

I'm not trying to endorse them, just relaying what my experience was.
Thanks for this. Just called and ordered a 5600x for $365 shipped! They have 5600x and 5800x available (Others you have to buy with combos, full system)

Furious Nerd

Sep 14, 2006
By the MC availability and lines info it definitely is sounding things are getting better, albeit by a slow rate. Maybe in 4-5 months anyone could buy one of these at any time online even?


Nov 24, 2004
Late to the thread but I got my 3090 FTW3U from the egg back in November via alerts from some now defunct Discord server.