How China's Social Credit System Affects Its Citizens and Businesses


Jul 25, 2009
The only reason you can say that is because you have no idea what in the fuck you're talking about.

I've said it before....every single thread about China has at least one ignorant clown comparing things in China to things in the US or the nebulous 'west'. It's always people who have spent exactly zero minutes in China. It's sad to see people who I assume live in 'western' countries shit on the 'west' when they have likely only ever known the security, safety, freedoms, and luxuries that 'western' countries offer. Children often take things for granted, I guess.

The surveillance state in China is designed for the authoritarian Communist government to control/monitor/punish the people for their misdeeds, thoughts, and proclivities, as well as those of their family members. What you described in your post about surveilance in the 'west' is so corporations can sell you trinkets and baubles. While I am not a fan of either, any comparison is foolish beyond words.

Yeah guy, if you don't repay loans....your credit rating takes a shit and any future loans (if any) will be more expensive. Wow. That's not even remotely close to being comparable to what is going on in China. Educate yourself and quit whining about the 'west'.
Don't be too hard on them. It's hard for some people to really see beyond their immediate experience. China is bewildering for anyone that can only base themselves from Angeo-Greco-Roman traditions, never mind just from the confines of the American experience. The French and the Russians have a better grasp when it comes to the power of the state bureaucracy in dictating the nation's direction and even public sensibilities, but there's no such analogue to the Anglo-Americans.

The Chinese structure is such that Chinese Communist Party holds the Chinese state (as a mandate) and it really is, a country-enterprise owned wholly by the party, out to make a profit for its shareholders, namely the Party itself. The level of control that a private enterprise can have over its workers are easily available to the CPC (Chinese Communist Party) with 1.4 billion souls on the payroll. That's the thing about it. The myriad of private enterprises within China are merely subsidiaries that are held by the party to varying degree at the end of the day, and all the souls are on the clock of China.Inc from dust to dust.


Nov 16, 2009
Well the social media blowback is real and has real consequences on people's lives. So I don't think it's purely assumptions.
Getting blowback for voluntarily posting stupid shit on a public platform is your own fault..... This is completely different to what china is doing, where that is NOT voluntary and WILL affect your life.

It's not really an assumption, hiring firms don't hide the fact that they use social media as a measuring stick for a person's hirebility. Not having an account just means they'll pass on you in favor of someone that they can get information on.
I'm guessing that depends on the field. I work in development/tech, and a large number of people in the field avoid social media. Having a public github and actively working on public projects on the other hand is MUCH more helpful for my work than some stupid narcissistic page filled with pictures/comments.