How can I change F@H power level based on idle?


Nov 20, 2012
I want to fold at "medium" when I am using my computer, and at "full" when it is idle. I can't see a way to do that?
changing the slider halfway through a running WU may well cause the client to restart work on that unit. I would suggest either leaving it on medium or using advanced control set it to finish, that way it will finish the current WU and you can then change the slider before working on the next WU. once the slider is movbed just click fold and off it will go.
OK, I wasn't aware that WUs couldn't always resume from where they left off. Is this also the case when using the pause/resume buttons as well, or is it just to do with the power level switching?

Ideally, the software would run in Medium until it became idle, and then it will wait until the current WU is done and then switch up to High. When coming out of idle, I guess it could do the same thing and I could live with a slight performance hit until it switched back down to Medium after the current WU was done. Is this possible without some complicated scripting or anything like that?
Its mainly the power level switching, some WU don't like the number of threads being changed halfway through the run if its a cpu unit. gpu units occasionally error out and restart but it doesn't always happen.

There may be a way to automate the power switching but i'm not sure how it would be done. On the rare occasions i fold on my daily driver i limit a Wu to half the available threads.
Pause/Resume will pause the work unit and then resume it where it left off. The thing is once it starts a simulation, sometimes you can't change the amount of threads (sometimes you can, but it depends on the specific simulation, and how many threads you had before and how many you are going to). I let my machine fold at full speed all the time and it's fine. It doesn't impact what I am doing much at all.