how can I boost my PC's audio volume?


Jul 16, 2008
Does anyone know of a good way to boost the volume I get from my PC? I have an audio cable running from my PC to my TV. As ridiculous as it might sound, with the Windows volume, the TV volume and the media player volume all cranked to max, it sometimes needs to be a bit louder.

It seems like there might be some freeware out there to do this, though I didn't see any in the freeware thread.
Check to ensure the cable is firmly inserted into the jacks on both ends, especially on the PC end because sometimes, just sometimes it'll feel like it's in but it's not, and it only requires the slightest bit of pressure to disconnect in some jacks depending on the quality of the plugs. Seems like a rookie thing but, hey, we all make mistakes, so it's worth checking into.

Aside from that, it could depend on what it is you're doing as some audio tracks are just lower in quality. If you're playing DVDs on the PC and piping the audio to the TV it could have something to do with the AC3 soundtrack decoding; AC3Filter is a replacement output filter for Windows that gives you a lot more control over that aspect of DVD playback and might be a way to boost the specific channels that aren't getting through loudly enough.

Good luck...
I know what you mean, Aiwin. It's not about the media file, cable, computer, TV, or how any of the parts are connected. It's just not loud enough. I've run into the same problem on multiple computers with multiple TVs with a wide array of audio files. Yes, I had AC3Filter installed and tried tweaking the settings for it quite extensively.

The only way that I ended up solving the problem was instead of running the cable directly from my computer to my TV was running sound from my computer to some speakers and then a cable from the speakers to the TV. Get a pair of speakers that have a headphone jack or some different type of output jack. It doesn't seem to make sense, but trust me, it'll work. I guess it's something to do with how the speakers have a powered amplifier.

I couldn't find a piece of software to control this either. If you do, let us know!
A software solution to increase the power going out from a soundcard beyond what the current controls allow? I'd be interested too if someone knows of one.

Though I think you may have to resort to a hardware signal amplifier. Maybe someone here has a recommendation(?)