How big is your Gaming screen?

27" dell gaming monitor. though I'd like it bigger, curved this close might make sense. Next one, 4k, hdr. might be a few years.
On my I7 3770K - 27" 1440p g-sync and 27" 1080p side monitor
On my I7 7700K - 43" Samsung 4K
55" 4K Sony TV (KD55XD8005) (main)
32" HD Sony TV (KDL32EX723) (secondary extended desktop)

I had a 40" Sony TV before getting the 4K one. Gotta say, I'm absolutely committed TVs as my main screen as a matter of course now. TVs get all the newest features for a better price and with far better quality control.

Honestly I find the price of monitors these days to be just plain laughable.
120" 1080p on my JVC-RS1 and 40" 4K on my Samsung. Can't wait for low lag 4K pj's with hopefully laser, (so many bulbs)
40” 4K. It’s the perfect size/resolution. All that’s missing is faster pixel response and gsync/freesync and you’ve got the perfect monitor.

I feel the same way, great for gaming and daily driver computer display. I've got the 2017 7000 series Samsung 40" 4k/"HDR"/60/4:4:4 Chroma.
I'm confused...

Maybe this will help:

Been there, no thanks.

Based on my needs and monitors available last April, I consider it the ideal solution.

3 screens gives me a lot of flexibility - to use one screen for my personal system during the day (which is what I'm doing right now) and 2 screens on my work PC.

For gaming, I can run driving games and Guild Wars 2 on 3 screens and other games (AAA or single screen only games) on the center screen.
Maybe this will help:

Based on my needs and monitors available last April, I consider it the ideal solution.

3 screens gives me a lot of flexibility - to use one screen for my personal system during the day (which is what I'm doing right now) and 2 screens on my work PC.

For gaming, I can run driving games and Guild Wars 2 on 3 screens and other games (AAA or single screen only games) on the center screen.

I used to have 3x27" ROG Swift PG278Q monitors. Before that I had 3x30" Dell monitors that ran at 2560x1600. The Dell setup I liked. I hated the ROG Swifts. The Dells were great for productivity and even gaming. However, monitors in landscape aren't a good solution for most games. I can't stand the fisheye and many don't support the resolutions and aspect ratios very well. Most of the time the issues revolve around HUD placement. These monitors were too large and ungainly for positioning in a 3x30 portrait setup. In landscape mode they were good when things worked, but bad when they didn't. Most of the time I had to run a single display for any AAA titles. These were 60Hz and old monitors so I wanted something newer and more modern. Therefore, I bought the ROG Swift monitors. People didn't complain about vertical or horizontal viewing angle issues with these so I went for them.

I liked the 144Hz and G-Sync features of course. For shooters this was amazing. However, coming from a 3x30" setup I went for a 3x27" setup using these ROG Swift displays. Unforunately, I found nothing but disappointment a lot of the time. Support in games for 7680x1440 wasn't any better than 7680x1600. I didn't expect it to be, but again they weren't useful in this configuration. For productivity, I hated these displays. The reduction in vertical height was too big to ignore. One thing I looked forward to was being able to shift these into portrait mode because they could do it in their existing stands and the Dells couldn't. So I switched them and found they were awful for a multitude of reasons. The first of which is the bezels were too close in and I hated trying to work like that. I'm sure I could have gotten used to it, but they felt too "in my face" to ignore as I always had in the past. The next problem I had was with the TN panels and their vertical shift issues. This wasn't a problem in a 3x1 landscape configuration but it was huge looking at them in a 3x1 portrait configuration. I had to sit at a specific angle relative to the displays to minimize this problem. When I did the size was incredible and the visuals immersive. I didn't find the bezels to be a problem when gaming. Thankfully, in 3x1 portrait these displays worked as a single 16:9 monitor which meant that they worked in games. In essence, these were a bust for gaming despite the benefits they had. They were a total bust for productivity.

It was around this time that the Samsung TV thread popped up on the HardForum. I was rocking a 7680x1440 display in landscape or 7680x4320 in portrait mode. Or rather, 2560x1440 in games that forced me to one monitor. However, my Swift setup hooked me on a display that was around 48". I was also well beyond 1080P, 1440P and even 1600P resolutions. I came to learn why TV's had been shit monitors in the past and how 4K monitors that supported 4:4:4 chroma subsampling would change that. Upwards of 48" I'd have a dot pitch that wasn't too far off what I was used to with my Dell 3x30" monitors. I would also get a standard 16:9 display which had greater vertical height than I was used to. I also didn't have to fuck around with configuring three displays or odd ball resolutions. I would also pick up HDR support and the extra utility that goes with using a TV. It seemed like a win all around except the loss of 144Hz and G-Sync. Really, at the time 144Hz wasn't a massive loss because there weren't that many games I could run at that frame rate on such a high resolution display. I've always been one to prefer image quality and resolution over frame rate. I'd rather play games at 35-40FPS with all the eye candy than something that looks like Minecraft at 144FPS. G-Sync was the biggest loss for me, but I spend years on those Dell monitors and was reasonably certain I could live without it and I was right.

So that's how I arrived here. No display setup is perfect. Everyone on the market seems to offer advantages and disadvantages. The key is to buy something that offers the things you value the most with the least amount of drawbacks. I'd like a better dot pitch, I'd like G-Sync and the ability to run at more than 120Hz. Unfortunately, that's not the case presently. But at least I get 4K, a single display, massive size, great image quality, and responsiveness I can live with. I'd be all for NVIDIA's Big Format Displays or whatever they call them if they weren't 65" TV's with G-Sync. I'm not interested in a dot pitch that's any worse than what I've got now.
Adjusting for can -sometimes- help with the fisheye.

Some games just don't do surround. It is nice to have the side vision. In eso finding resource nodes is much easier, amung other thing.

I like the 4k too, be nice if the aspect ratio were a bit wider.
I'd like to add a nice 32-40 inch 4K monitor to my setup, but I can't stand using a monitor that is mounted too high.

It's fine for situations where you don't really use them and it's more like an instrument panel for play lists and system monitors, but I don't want to watch Netflix craning my neck up.

I have a lot (like really a lot) of Chief mounting hardware - arms, poles, grommet mounts, etc.

If I could rig the top 4K screen to drop down and sit at the same height as my other screens when I want to use it, that would be the perfect setup - TN Surround for games and high IQ 4K for media (and maybe some games)

I've recently become aware of vesa mount adapters that have vertical travel so it might be possible:
24" Dell gaming Gsync went down from 27" cause anything bigger the games just haze you with all the extra light coming in.
use my 21.5" ASUS from 2011 as my main screen I had one go bad on me think I spilled water on it don't ask but have two backups that are almost the same except the newest model is extra bright.
For the PC = Acer X34 Predator 34"
For the PS4 = Samsung KS8500 65"
Laptop = Acer Predator Helios 300 17.3"
24" 1080P 0.5ms 144hz it is TN but I am a FPS twich shooter gamer so I see no reason to change anytime soon
34" Dell 3415 on the bedroom computer


20180730_162035.jpg 20180729_222113.jpg
65" LG oled in the living room / HTPC computer. Nothing beats gaming or even reading [H] on the big-screen!
49" Samsung KS8000. Used to be my TV actually and mostly played games on it, but once I moved I had to consolidate space so I sold my 34" Ultrawidescreen monitor and just put my Samsung TV on my desk and it was like a revelation. I don't think i'll ever go smaller ever again. Picture quality is fantastic and gaming at 4K @ 60FPS on this guy is just a magic experience. lol. Only thing I would trade it for is another G-Sync 34" Ultrawide which I would only do when my fiance and I move and get out own place. I'll put the Samsung back down maybe as a bedroom TV or something.
27" 2160p (p2715q) or 25" 1440p (2515h) for desktop gaming. (gtx 1080)

42" 1080p (Sony Bravia) for living room gaming (gtx 1070 Ti)

I'm happy with all of them, and don't have any near term upgrade plans.

60 fps works for me, and it seems that freesync / gsynch still have a few image quality compromises, and require a bit of panel lottery gambling.
I am still running a 24" Samsung that is only 60 Hz. It still works but is certainly old. I just built a new Ryzen system last week as my old rig was five years old. My 24" Samsung is older than that. Here in the next few days, I plan on ordering a 32" 1440p monitor. I don't think I want bigger than 32".

Any good recommendations on a 32" 1440p monitor that is at least 120 Hz? I'd be fine with anything between 31" and 35" so long as it is 1440p, 120 Hz or more and less than 5ms response time.