Hot to lock the core on only specific GPUs in a rig


Jan 30, 2008
On my all LHR rig, I can lock the core on each GPU by passing the following parameters:

--cclock @1350,@1200,@1200,@1400,@1200,@1350,@1200

It has the following GPUs:

0 3070Ti
1 3080Ti
2 3080Ti
3 3060Ti
4 3080
5 3070Ti
6 3080Ti

Since they are all 3000 series GPU and I want to lock all the cores, that works fine.

However, I also have a rig with a mix of 1000, 2000 and 3000 cards as follows:

0 1070Ti
1 3060
2 1070Ti
3 2080Ti
4 3080Ti

I want to lock the core on GPU 4 @1200. How do I do that since some of the other GPUs don't support core lock?

I'm running NBMiner, but the syntax for locking cores is similar to other mining software.

Is it possible to lock the core on specific GPUs, leaving the rest of them alone?


Like this:

--cclock ,,,,@1200
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Not sure on nbminer specifically but that's typically how teamredminer etc. do it. Leave nulls for everything before it and just commas and then enter the value you want.